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Davenport Hammertoe

Davenport Hammertoe

When you have a hammertoe, turn to our specialist at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. You can have the confidence that comes from knowing that your Davenport hammertoe is being treated by our skilled and experienced podiatrist. It is typical for hammertoe to be accompanied by pain, which can make it difficult or even impossible for you to walk and to go about your normal day-to-day routine, let alone exercise or do anything athletic.

The cause of hammertoes can be traced back to the effects of arthritis, a genetic predisposition, or from poorly fitting footwear. Shoes that don’t fit properly are the most common reason for developing hammertoes, especially if they are too tight around the toes, which is often the case with high-heeled shoes. As a result, women are more susceptible than men to getting hammertoes, which form when the middle joint of your toe bends or curls, and becomes stuck in that position. If you have Davenport hammertoe, it can either be the type that is rigid or the type that is flexible. Rigid means that the toe cannot move at all from its bent state. Flexible means there is a minimal amount of motion available to the toe. Your treatment options will depend on which type you have.

Our podiatrist will do an examination and probably will take x-rays. Once a diagnosis of Davenport hammertoe has been determined, along with whether it is rigid or flexible, a strategy will be discussed. With flexible hammertoe, you may only need to use an orthotic, an insert that is placed in your shoe with the goal of reducing the pressure on your toe. With time, it will return to its normal state. Medication may be prescribed to address any inflammation and swelling. If you are suffering from severe pain, our podiatrist might suggest cortisone shots to deal with it. Rigid hammertoes, however, nearly always require surgery to treat them, and will not respond to the application of orthotics.

The most important point is that you should not ignore Davenport hammertoe. It is treatable and our podiatrist can offer you relief for the pain. Call us and schedule an appointment. You’ll be on the road to recovery soon.

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