33837 Foot Doctor

Diabetic foot care in 33837

33837 foot doctor

33837 foot doctor

At Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, our 33837 foot doctor is trained in podiatry, diabetic foot care, and other common problems of the foot and ankle. Diabetes, a chronic disease caused by high blood sugar, can decrease the body’s ability to fight off infection and can harm the feet if not controlled properly. Damage to organs and the immune system is inevitable if blood sugar is not kept in check and the disease not kept at acceptable levels.

Diabetes can damage the nervous system which extends down to the feet, meaning those who suffer from this disease may lose sensation in their feet and be unable to feel them properly. Sweat secretions and skin oil production that tends to lubricate the foot area is damaged, leading to high pressure on the bones, joints and skin of the foot. This can affect walking and other movements. Skin can lose its elasticity and become thinner and break down, causing injury, redness or sores. Early detection of diabetic foot problems by our 33837 foot doctor is key in helping this disease stay manageable. Poorly fitting shoes can cause blisters, calluses, corns or sores that can be painful and can cause problems in the foot. Properly fitted shoes should be worn to lessen the risk of diabetic foot problems and infection. Foot abnormalities can also cause problems leading to foot conditions, such as hammertoes, bunions or flat feet. These can be fixed with orthotics or prescription shoes before damage is done.

If your diabetes is not controlled, you may be in serious risk of having damage to the nerves in your foot, also known as peripheral neuropathy. Nerve damage can mean that you cannot feel your feet normally and can injure your foot or be unable to balance or walk properly. Also, nerve damage can lead to loss of sensation so that patients don’t feel if their shoes are too tight or are rubbing against their feet, causing sores. Our 33837 foot doctor can determine if your foot problems are causing issues with your diabetes. Poor circulation and trauma to the foot as well as infections and smoking can also cause problems.

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